flageolets & recorders

Six hole flutes (in the English flageolet style)

Small Provençal shepherd's flageolet

a small shepherd's flageolet

Here is a small shepherd's flageolet freely inspired from an instrument found in an attic in Villes sur Auzon, in Provence. This one is diatonic and tuned in d, but other keys are possible


a whistle

The whistle ("penny whistle" or "tin whistle") is a diatonic instrument developed from the English flageolet, whose six holes are all placed in front. The upper octave is played just by blowing harder.
In its simplest form it is made of tin with a plastic mouthpiece, windway and labium, but it can also be wooden.
This one is made from boxwood and is tuned in D.

Other sizes can be made, including a low whistle in D.